Wednesday, February 26, 2014

in Al-Madina al Munawara

I am planning to visit Al-Madina al Munawara for 4 days vacation starting from 27-02-2014 to 02-03-2014.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

SBA - Employee's Contact List & Security Profile | Oracle ADF


Today i decided to show a small quick demo for Employees Contact List and SBA Security Profile for SBA Users, Enjoy !


Friday, February 7, 2014

BarCode Reader - SBA | Oracle ADF


Today i decided to show the complete Integration of BarCode Readers with Oracle ADF Applications Specially our Charity SBA Package (Smart Business Applications) and how to make Oracle ADF Easy & Flexible for one purpose which is "Enable End user from Controlling & Coding Stock Element Fast" !
Demo Link here !

BarCode From Basic Definition is just Fast Keyboard to read Unique keys, and it is common used in Operational Systems like Point of Sale & Inventory Applications !.

for this reason, i will show complete solution from our SBA Charity Package just to use barcode to scan & Define Element Description before using in Stock Level.

Solution is a complete Back Bean Methods, Art of Controlling of Interface in ADF is the best way to cover, Control the Barcode Solution into your Application, so before going to implement, you have to understand well below Back Bean Scripts.



Source Code




Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Back Bean Switching For Dynamic Region | Oracle ADF


Today's Article, i decided to show how to control your ADF Application using One Dynamic Region & Use it to switch among multiple task Flows in smart way using Back Beans without using Switcher UI Component using default Task Flow Bean created while creating Task Flow as Dynamic Region.

Solution point, is how to modify .xml url using dynamic Task Flows Names.

private String taskFlowId = "/WEB-INF/DefaultTask.xml#DefaultTask";
setDynamicTaskFlowId("/WEB-INF/" + getMySwitchingVal() + ".xml#" + getMySwitchingVal());

- before implementing this solution, you have to define multiple Task Flows with cleared names and binding it to Back Bean.

- I Have Menu items to control My Dynamic Switcher to Execute Back Bean Method passing Task Flow Name before using set property listener.

 - Now, we can build our Back Bean Method as below to control it (getMySwitchingVal is getting the task flow name based on set property listener from your Action UI Component).


1- For Business Needs, we made Auto Roll Back before Switching.
2- PrepareBeforeBavigate Method is just s simple Method to cover business before switching.