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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Oracle ADF Advanced Course | Fourth Group

After the success of Group 1, 2 & 3 of Oracle ADF Online Advanced Course, I am planning for the Fourth Group and Expected Date will be in 05-10-2015.

Note : Seats are Limited !

for More Details & Reservation, please contact :

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Centralized / Unified Managed Bean Toolbar | Oracle ADF


Many Articles are speaking about Oracle ADF Toolbars and how to make unified one as per this Official Article From Oracle.

the problem is, Proposed Solution is based on ActionEvent Actions Parameters, which takes time from developers to declare Actions in Page Definitions and to pass each Action value to the declarative component for each page.

one more issue which is "No Flexibility Exists in this declarative component to handle business or validate items before or after the Execution", noway to specify new Row index, fire Alerts or notifications after execution and even after unified toolbar, still you need to maintain the pages to pass correct Parameters and Pages Definitions modifications and update will make it more complex.

Final problem, it is not 100% Centralized, any change in Pages or Page Definitions will impact Declarative toolbar by Errors specially Actions Names!

So, Today and for the first time, i am showing my new solution and i call it "Managed Bean Toolbar | STB - Smart Toolbar", which is based on 100% Managed Back Bean with below list of Advantages.
  • Faster for Developers as no need to define actions in page definitions and no need to pass Parameters for Declaration Component for Each Action.
  • Flexible, easy to specify Visibility, Ready Customized Notifications Exists, 100% Centralized & Control (no impact for Actions, just iterator name !).
  • Easy to Specify Insert Methodology.
  • Easy to Use, All what you have to do, import jar file into your View Controller project, drag and drop STB toolbar into your page, only specify Iterator Name and all functions will work without specifying any actions and moreover with Customized Alerts & Flexibility to be customized from your side.
  • Insert Type Parameter Default (Last) : is to specify index of the new record to be current or last.
  • DML Save Visible Parameter Default (true) : to specify Visibility of Add, Remove, Commit & Rollback buttons.
  • Navigation Visible Parameter Default (true) : to specify Visibility of Next, Previous, First & Last buttons.
  • Additional Facet Exists for more buttons for Developers. 
  • Ability to Navigate after Execution (Need More Parameter & Public Fields + Access-or to specify Flow Control Name).
Download toolbar Project any try it.

 Declarative Component : DML Back Bean Details

Declarative Component : Page Source 
Usage of TSB in your Page | Easy, Dynamically & Centralized !
References of mybean | WABEAN

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Search & DML by Keys | Oracle ADF !


Today i am showing one part which contains "How to use Primary Keys & Alternative Keys" not only in Data Search but also Database DML Operations in Oracle ADF Data Model.